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Sancta Illusio, ora pro nobis.

Franz Werfel, Star of the Unborn

giger_art / comments / Dark Artwork by James Hockridge

Dark Artwork by James Hockridge
November 22nd, 2004 01:40 am

Hi all - It has been said that my other half's artwork has very visible Giger influences and he is also a huge fan and in that case i thought you might be interested......................This is a pretty
big post so be prepared - ok for starters my other half is an extremely
talented professionsl artist - but you'll see that in a moment, most of the pieces
are what will eventually make up the characters and places in James's
Graphic Novel "The Flesh Engine Chronicles" - prior to setting up our
website and subsequent shop we wanted to see what the internet response
would be so without further ado the following pieces are available:

Prints (sized to A4, due to the varying shapes of the paintings this
does mean not all will be exactly A4 in both width and length): £15
unsigned £20 signed +£2.50 p&p this includes insurance though
if you can make it into Leeds i can meet up with you. These are limited
edition Prints as they are all hand mounted and the mounts are
hand-made and should you wish to put them in another frame they are
easily removable from the mount. This is the first run of prints and as
such they are in runs of 5, 10 & 15. These are also going to be
unique as we are going to change the way we frame instead of hand
framing and in future the price will be slightly more. Please excuse
the fact that some of the mounts look wonky - they are in actual fact
straight just that i'm crap at taking piccies!!! Below the prints are
also a selection of original paintings for sale, these being originals
are much more expensive and the canvasses are handmade. It is also
possible to have commission work done, depending on size and detail -
prices start at around £65.
If you are interested in any of the pieces please email



Bird Tattoo

Birdie (Original Painting also available £175)

Caw (Original Painting - SOLD)

Cerus - Black Mount (Original Painting also available £350)

Cerus - White Mount

Flesh Engine (Original Painting also available £350)

Flesh Engine - Side Study (Original Painting also available £150)

Flesh Engine - Stairway (early study)
(will be mounted on Black)

Flesh Engine - Tusks (early study)


Gorn (Original Painting also available £225)

Hippocampus Tatarus

Kafka (Original Painting also available £275)

Lighting The Way

Misanthropy - White Mount

Misanthropy - Black Mount

Quoth The Raven (Original Painting also available £300)

Snail (Original Painting £175)


Stalagtite - will be on Black Mount (Original Painting £125)

Stairs (Original Painting also available £275)


Testra (Original Painting also available £200)


Thorn - £300

Viscera - £225

Growth - £150

Blue Tattoo - £350

Torment - £175

Ok so that's all i can put up tonight but there are plenty more
paintings which i will be putting up in the next few days.  If you
require any further pictures of the paintings or the paintings
dimensions please email.


Thread started by Richard
December 4th, 2004 04:16 am

While I do see qualities similar to Giger's, I think your other half has an artistic style that is quite unique. Really great stuff. I applaud his vision. I wish him the best of success.
[defend thineself]